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Bye bye bookkeeping, hello occupancy

Stress-free bookkeeping, accounting, and tax strategy for busy property managers

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Stabilizing occupancy rates is a constant balancing act, pushing rent growth can easily lead to vacancy and costly turns, and ensuring compliance with accounting, bookkeeping, and tax regulations is fraught with risk. Getting distracted by collections, expense management, and invoicing can lead to excessive concessions, vacancy loss, and tax or legal exposure.

How We Help Property Managers

RealCount handles bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, tax strategy, and financial guidance for property managers, de-risking your books, streamlining financial operations, and keeping you compliant. RealCount’s decades of experience frees you from financial distractions so you can focus on optimizing your business.

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Bookkeeping & Accounting

Our experts, processes, and dashboards demystify your finances and de-risk your books, giving you a clear picture of financial performance, and putting you back in control of your business.

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Tax Strategy

Beyond standard tax returns and compliance, RealCount accountants and bookkeepers actively look to help our bookkeeping and accounting clients reclaim millions of dollars in taxes, freeing up FFO to drive their goals.

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With the guru-level guidance of an experienced CFO, grow your portfolio, minimize risk, or just keep your financial house in order and sleep better at night.

With more than $4B in transactions under their belt, RealCount’s leadership team includes real estate veteran CEOs, developers, entrepreneurs, and investors. In short, we’ve been where you are, we know the industry, and we know the shortcuts to success.

How property managers succeed with RealCount

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Stable Occupancy

Accurate, up-to-date, and trustworthy financial information helps you make the lease management decisions that grow your business without sacrificing stability

Rent Growth

Gain the financial clarity to pursue growth marketing and leasing strategies that drive year-over-year improvement and valuation

Minimized Risk

Navigate complex regulations to reduce liabilities, costly audits, and penalties, maintaining your reputation as an efficient operator and driving NOI


Ready to take bookkeeping, accounting, & tax stress off your plate?


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