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Financial performance you can count on

Demystify your finances, de-risk your books, and get insight and clarity, putting the financial levers for success back in your hands.

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Navigating regulations and entity structuring is fraught with risk, battling complex financial operations and partnership dynamics obscures the path to profit, and identifying superior returns in a shifting market requires distraction-free focus. All of which have real consequences in terms of longer hold periods, greater exposure, and sub-optimal returns.

How We Help Real Estate Investors

With so much uncertainty facing real estate investors, RealCount provides uncommon stability by handling bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, tax strategy, and financial guidance, de-risking your businesses and optimizing your financial platform. RealCount’s decades of experience give you the financial clarity to make savvy, accretive investment decisions.

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Bookkeeping & Accounting

RealCount expert CFOs, controllers, accountants and bookkeepers, highly-efficient processes, and concise dashboards help you clearly understand cashflows and expenses to maximize profitability and optimize financial performance.

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Tax Strategy

RealCount CFOs, controllers, and accountants help our bookkeeping and accounting clients identify optimal financial strategies and tax-advantaged vehicles, while keeping their investments optimized and tax-efficient.

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Beyond 1031 exchanges, the voice of an experienced CFO helps you identify optimal investment structures, profitable monetization strategies, and the short path to your financial goals.

With more than $4B in transactions under their belt, RealCount’s leadership team includes real estate veteran CEOs, developers, entrepreneurs, and investors. In short, we’ve been where you are, we know the industry, and we know the shortcuts to success.

How real estate investors succeed with RealCount

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Portfolio Growth

Guru-level guidance helps you make informed decisions about opportunities that align with your overall financial strategy, keeping your growth on track

Increased Cashflow

Reduce expenses with a team of experts focused increasing income and overall valuation

Minimized Risk

Quickly identify and mitigate financial risks with an accurate, up-to-date, and holistic view of your portfolio’s financial performance


Ready to take bookkeeping, accounting, & tax stress off your plate?


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